Inverted Yield Curve, Savings Rates, and the Debt Ceiling

We have been hearing a lot about interest rates and the debt ceiling. It’s all over the news and rightfully so. A variable that is not typical of interest rates is what is called an “Inverted Yield Curve”. It’s a technical term that basically charts what specific interest rates are over periods of time. A […]

Banks, Fear, Risk and Runs

Banks, Fear, Risk and Runs Last Friday we saw disturbing news regarding one of the largest banks in the country, Silicon Valley Bank. SVB did not have enough capital to meet withdrawals that were occurring. The banks lack of funds to meet these withdrawals forced the bank to halt all deposits. This causes the federal […]

Looking Back and Moving Forward

forward backward

Looking Back and Moving Forward The market has continued its positive trend to start the new year. While it feels like we have some semblance of stability in the market, they are far from over the hump when it comes to volatility. There are still many variables at play, namely the Federal Reserve’s decisions when […]

Stock Market Rally Since the Summertime Lows

We have seen a nice rally from the stock market since our summertime lows. Markets tend to surprise us, and the current rally was a welcome one to all investors. Just when we thought things couldn’t get much worse, the late summer rally began. The news cycle is moving at an alarming rate; every day […]